Tweetbot for Mac updated with quick notification replies, smoother scrolling

Tweetbot for Mac (teaser 001)

Tapbots has updated Tweetbot for Mac this afternoon, bringing the app to version 1.4. The update brings about the ability for OS X Mavericks users to reply to tweets or direct messages, directly from notifications.

The new app also includes a number of other welcome improvements as well, such as smoother scrolling (10.9 only) and faster refreshing on lists and saved searches. And as usual, there are a flurry of bug fixes…

Here is the full 1.4 change log:

– Smoother Scrolling (10.9 only)
– You can now reply to tweets/DMs from the notification itself (10.9 only)
– Lists and saved searches now refresh every 2 minutes instead of 4
– Fixed the issue where you’d see ‘Please enable wifi’ when fetching your location while composing a tweet
– Fixed the issue where searching your timeline, then scrolling to top then dismissing search field could move your timeline to the top
– Fixed a potential issue where app could hang when using secondary windows
– Fixed a few issues on 10.7
– Various bug fixes and improvements for 10.9

For me, the new quick notification reply feature is huge. It works just like it does with iMessage or email: tapping on an appropriate Tweetbot notification allows you to ‘quick reply’ without having to open the app.

I also instantly noticed how much smoother the scrolling is. In fact the entire app feels better. Again, much of this is only for OS X Mavericks users. But for those that are, who use Tweetbot, this update is a no-brainer.

You can find the latest version of Tweetbot for Mac, in the Mac App Store, for $19.99.