A look at newly launched Incipio 5c cases

Incipio OVRMLD

Incipio is always quick on the trigger when it comes to releasing new product lines along with Apple’s new hardware. Before the iPhone launch, I was already contacted by some friends at Incipio asking me to take a look at their, then unreleased, products. Happily agreeing, they sent over three different cases for inspection.

Inside, I take a closer look at these cases and their form factors, relating to iPhone 5c. These are the first 5c cases I received for any reviewing purposes and they all fit quite well. As with most Incipio line ups, they are affordable and colorful…

Feather Clear

Like other feather Incipio cases series, the Feather Clear for iPhone 5c is minimalistic and unobtrusive. The snap case is simple and, like the name suggests, lightweight. Built of Plextonium, it offers a rigid exterior for fumbling fingers and six sided protection. Port access is guaranteed below, as well as the sleep/wake button and mute switch. Inicipio opted to cover the volume buttons, but the added protection does not detract from usage. The camera port is closely cut, which I prefer, and a black rim prevents unnecessary camera flashback on the clear case. Like every Incipio case, the back is branded, but not obnoxiously so and the clear shell allows users to show off their 5c colors.

The case is offered in clear, green, purple, turquoise, black, pink, and smoke. I was sent the clear version and assume I would prefer it over other colors. Because all versions are transparent, the 5c will mix with the case color. Keep in mind what colors will mix well, before jumping in to buy a specific version. Additionally, the case can attract finger prints with a clear, see-through design, but is not a finger print magnet, per se. Listed on Amazon, the Feather Clear starts at a very reasonable $15.73.

Incipio feather Clear iPhone 5c


The NGP series is also a long standing tradition in the Incipio product line. The texture and feel is similar to legacy versions and the updated 5c option is a welcomed and familiar tactile experience. Soft, yet rigid, the NGP series case is developed of Incipio’s soft shell Flex2O material, making it stretch and tear resistant. The material is malleable as a stand alone item, but when paired with the iPhone, it naturally feels much sturdier. Incipio has increasingly enhanced its ability to make precise cuts and angles in the NGP material, making the port holes exact and without molding or tags left behind.

Unlike the Feather Clear, NGP utilizes exact port hole cutouts instead of simply leaving the top and bottom exposed. This helps further protect for drops and bumps. Additionally, the volume and sleep/wake buttons are covered in the impact resistant material, leaving the mute switch exposed for necessary operability.

NGP is offered in black, translucent lime, translucent mercury, translucent purple, translucent blue, and translucent pink, starting at $9.93 on Amazon.

Incipio NGP iPhone 5c


Coming full circle, the [OVRMLD] case is a combination of materials from the Feather Clear and the NGP. Constructed of both, Plextonium and Flex2O materials, [OVRMLD] is essentially the best of both worlds. The back is rigid from the Plextonium and the inner core is cushioned with the Flex2O. Consequently, the overall unit is not malleable, but flexible enough to install the iPhone without causing damage to either the phone or case.

The two materials come together with a very precise seam line that offers a crisp transition. While I personally prefer two separate layers, like the DualPro, one cushy interior and a another hard shell installed over top, the [OVRMLD] combines both of those into a single package, for better or worse. This case will still take a decent beating, in my opinion. Like the NGP, the port holes are precisely cut, along with the mute switch and camera opening. The sleep/wake and volume buttons are covered with the Felx2O material.

To accentuate the dual molded system, each case is offered in a combination of two colors, navy/blue, blue/lime, black/neon pink, clear/clear, white/gray. Easily the most cost effective option of the lineup, Amazon lists an entry price of $13.95.

Incipio iPhone 5c OVRMLD

Phenom [updated 11/25]

Since originally writing the post, I received an additional case from Incipio for iPhone 5c. The Phenom offers “Phenomenal” protection for Apple’s latest device. Engineered with Incipio’s Impact IQ technology, emphases is placed on drops, bumps, and standard bruises during normal wear and tear. The case sides are very flexible, allowing for easy installation, but the back plate is securely rigid.

Inside, a honeycomb, hex pattern rests below the 5c. Assumedly, this designed pattern will help absorb shock if dropped, by dispersing the waves across more surface area. Additional protection covers the sleep/wake and volume buttons, but the mute switch is open. Bottom ports are also accessible, however the case is tailor cut around the openings. In actuality, the difference in the [OVRMLD] is minimal to the naked eye, but Phenom is more hefty, offering a sturdier experience.

Complimentary to the current line, Phenom combines two toned colors, gray/pink, black/aqua, blue/red, and white/green. I was sent the gray/pink version and the pink really pops out against the gray. The Phenom is currently only sold via the Incipio webstore for $39.99 and cannot be found on Amazon, like its competing cases.

Incipio Phenom 5c


For the best of the current bunch, I like the [OVRMLD] because it combines the rigid and flexible options of the former two. When it comes to looks, I really like the Feather Clear option that is completely see through. After all, one of the best parts of the 5c is showing off your colors. However, it does gather finger prints and does not provide much top and bottom protection.

Additionally, the [OVRMLD] is a killer price at about $13 on Amazon, retailing for $34.99. With the combo of both materials and rigid design, it will offer the most versatile protection. However, if you are looking for a two piece system, I would give the DualPro a good look. I did not get to review the DualPro for 5c, but have a version for iPhone 5 and use it quite regularly at the gym. For what it’s worth, the DualPro for iPhone 5c starts on Amazon at $15.99.

Thoughts on the Incipio lineup?

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