This awesome tool allows you to quickly check iPhone 5s stock

Gold iPhone 5s side and back

As I discussed in the recent episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak, I’ve been feverishly refreshing Apple’s iPhone 5s order page looking for a 32GB gold edition. Yes, I already have a Space Grey iPhone 5s, and I’m happy with it, but the rapper in me is secretly dying to get his paws on a gold version.

Going to Apple’s website and constantly entering in my zip code to find in stock 5s’ in my local area gets to be a bit tedious. Thankfully, one smart individual has created a website that’s solely focused on retrieving iPhone 5s stock in your local area.

No Gold iPhone 5s in Stock Jeff is Sad

The site, simply entitled iPhone Check, is a bare bones getup with little to no frills. It contains a place to enter in your local zip code, and two pull down boxes pertaining to the color and carrier.

And no, before you ask, there’s still no Gold iPhone 5s in my area. What about yours?

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