Bluelounge releases Rolio and CableDrop Mini for cable management woes

Bluelounge Rolio before_after

It is no surprise, considering the number of Bluelounge reviews I cover, I am a big fan of this product line. Consequently, when my friend at their office asked if I wanted to check out their latest invention, I quickly responded to the request. Bluelounge makes great products that solve simple everyday problems. Many companies claim to do the same, but setting themselves apart, Bluelounge solves these mundane problems in elegant ways with products like Kii, MiniDock, Mika, and Saidoka.

Today, two new products are announced, Rolio and CableDrop Mini. Both newly released items take on the challenge of creative cord management. Everyone struggles to keep cords in-check on their work stations, but with these two options, at least there is some organization to the madness…


“Dock ‘n’ Roll” claims the minimal packaging surrounding the new Lightning cable holder. The Rolio is an interesting combination of cable management, mixed with iPhone dock options. Insert the Lightning tip on the top, between two square pieces of plastic, held together by a center stem. Then, coil the cable around the stem, which exactly holds the cable’s length, save about 3″ to the USB tip.

Using the excess cable, connect the cable to your iMac or MacBook without the whole cable flopping around on the desk. More inventively, turn the cable back around and slide the USB through a perfectly cut hole in the center of Rolio. Then, use the OEM AC charger on the other side to lock the cable in place. This instantly creates a dock from the flat cable retention device.

Rolio blow out

Thinking ahead, Bluelounge cut the USB hole at an angle to help hold iPhone at an angle while docked on the wall. This tilt is about a 40 degree slant toward the wall. Consequently, the full weight of iPhone is not held extended at the furthest point. If you are looking for the term, “fulcrum” is that old physics vocabulary word your teacher swore would come in handy in the real world. Moving the fulcrum with the tilted weight keeps the device from simply falling out of the outlet.

I do wish the angle was more upright, because the Rolio slightly slides on the USB head when docked. Using a small locking mechanism for the USB tip, would affix the cable, thus preventing movement.

CableDrop Mini

Have you ever had a cable draped over the edge of your desk? Have you ever wanted to hide a cable over the edge of your workstation, but have easy access to it later? Bluelounge has a quick fix solution for those escaping cables. CableDrop is not a new invention for the company, but, now offering a smaller version, even smaller cables receive the treatment.

Currently, I am using a CableDrop Mini to hold my earbuds within an arm’s reach under my desk. The cable is fed from the back of my iMac, under my desk, and the buds are held with a CableDrop Mini in an easy to access spot. This keeps my headphone cable from dragging across my desk all day while working. When I look around my desk, there are plenty of opportunities for CableDrop Minis to keep me sane. Also, it is important to note, the 3M strip is non-residue, easy to apply, and even sticks to the rough wood surface on my desk.

Bluelounge CDM black in use L


I can see Rolio becoming a new travel companion. It keeps my cable rolled up nicely and even docks my iPhone when charging. Additionally, it would make a great car companion for portable charging, or even USB linking to the radio. For a slick $9.95, this is an easy purchase on the wallet if you are looking for cord management with the addition of a minimal dock.

The CableDrops have always been on my wish list, but the Mini versions are actually better for the cables I have around my desk. Headphone cables, Lightning cables, some old 30 pins, power block MagSafe cables, and more headphone cables, all litter my desk, but I will now tuck them away. I’m certain there is a great place to use these on my night stand too. You can grab a pack today, also for $9.95.

What do you guys think? Having cable problems?

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