Saurik: there’s “very little hope” that WinterBoard will support iOS 7 [updated]


When iOS 7 drops later this month, it will mark the largest and most radical update in the platform’s history. In addition to its number of new features, the software’s UI has been rebuilt from the ground up, bringing about new colors, fonts and other elements.

And while most people—at least those who have seen it—seem to be ok with the changes, others are counting on an iOS 7 jailbreak to get rid of the makeover. But that may be easier said than done, because according to Saurik, the future looks bleak for theming…

UPDATE: Saurik brought to our attention that our post was somewhat out of context. In order to clarify the situation, we are posting relevant pieces of comments left by Saurik on this post and deleting the rest of our post:

I made a comment describing a situation, not making a “decision”. This was a call to action, and to some extent it was even successful. I specifically used the words “at this time”, in a comment that I wrote now over two weeks ago. Painting it as a doomsday “WinterBoard will not support iOS 7” is a very different description of that comment that removes the context of what I was replying to and why I was making the post.


It seems unlikely that if no one will help with WinterBoard that something would replace WinterBoard. […] The call to action has been somewhat successful, and by the time iDownloadBlog got around to posting this article, the idea that WinterBoard could support iOS 7 is much more likely, with theme artists such as @TCcentex and developers like @thekirbylover actually coming out of the woodwork to help.

A key thing you are missing is that WinterBoard does not currently “support” iOS 6; it makes this sound like it is news, by having a shifting meaning of “support”. The original article in question was about support of iOS 6 in WinterBoard, and how bad it was. In this context, talking about the support of WinterBoard on iOS 7 is massively different.

We apologize for any confusion this post might have caused.