New photos show alleged gold iPhone 5S next to black, white iPhone 5

gold iphone 1

Some new photos hit the web tonight, showing what is believed to be an iPhone 5S shell in a gold/champagne color next to black and white versions of the iPhone 5. If legitimate, the photos reaffirm recent speculation that Apple will offer its new handset in three colors.

Talk of a golden iPhone reached a fever pitch earlier this week, following a number of reports and corroborating part leaks. And while many have scoffed at the idea of Apple releasing such a gaudy-looking device, others believe that the champagne color will be a hit…

gold iphone 2

The images come from parts dealer Moumantai and were published to the blog of weekly Japanese tech magazine ASCII Plus (via The gold iPhone in the photos is said to be the upcoming ‘5S’ model, but with just the shell showing, it’s hard to confirm.

If it is the 5S, note how it doesn’t appear to have any significant design changes compared to the iPhone 5 models. Look at the button layout, the speaker holes and SIM card slot position—they’re all the same. Even the antenna windows and rounded edges are identical.

gold iphone 3

But of course, that’s not surprising. The iPhone 5S is expected to look just like its predecessor, with internal upgrades and new software features differentiating the two handsets. The 5S is said to have an upgraded camera, faster processor and a fingerprint-sensing Home button.

Apple is widely expected to unveil its new flagship smartphone at a media event on September 10, alongside a low-cost iPhone 5C. A recent report called for the two handsets to launch simultaneously on the following Friday, September 20, in a handful of countries.