iPad mini MultiStand: hang it up or take it out

ProClip USA iPad mini MultiStand

I previously covered two ProClip USA dashboard accessories for iPhone 5 and iPad mini, a little more than a month back. These two mounts were excellent for my vehicle and I use the iPhone mount daily on my morning and evening commute. Consequently, my friends at ProClip sent over one of their newest devices.

There are many stands, docks, and cases in the iDownloadBlog review category, but none of them operate quite like the ProClip USA iPad mini MultiStand. Using the same production process, ProClip designed a stand for iPad mini that not only rests easily on a desktop, but also mounts on a wall, workbench, or elevated surface. The case versatility is optimal for users looking for a semi permanent and portable option with a ruggedized design…

Design and function

Formed from ABS plastic, as opposed to injection molded, provides a quality, solid structure into which the iPad mini easily clips. Once the iPad mini is placed, it is not going anywhere. Essentially locked inside the six armed frame, the MultiStand ensures the device is not unintentionally ejected during use.

Included is a wall adapter plate that is also compatible with the ProClip USA dashboard mounting systems for individual vehicles. With the provided drywall mounts and screws, the plate can be attached to any surface accepting screws or nails. Once placed, the mount’s back tilt pedal will slide down onto the installed wall plate. The pedal will also swivel 90 degrees, providing easy viewing in both landscape and portrait orientations. For a detailed explanation, check out the installation instructions.

On a desktop surface, the pedal and mount rests on soft footpads to prevent slipping and surface damage on the flat top. Providing a range of tilted viewing angles between almost upright to almost flat, the pedal is easily adjustable.

ProClip uSA iPad mini MultiStand side


The ProClip USA iPad mini MultiStand is a versatile product, if you are looking to mount your iPad mini on a specific surface and/or in the car with an adapter mount. I can see this being useful in the classroom, kitchen, garage, trade shows, or near a home office setup. The product is clearly geared toward a niche market.

Personally, I have no use for a semi permanent install for my mini. I use my mini more on the go than at a fixed location. However, if you can find a need to install a mountable unit for an iPad mini, this is an excellent option. It is back to school time, I could see installing this under the bunk bed for easy movie watching in a dorm room. Keep in mind, it swivels 90 degrees and will tilt using the pedal attachment, but it will not articulate or provide a full spectrum of viewing angles once mounted.

At $59.99, it is not an impulse purchase. Many other regular consumers will do fine with a regular desktop stand, but those seeking a mountable option, the MultiStand combines mounting options with desktop friendly portability.

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