ChargeCard now available for the iPhone 5

iPhone_5 chargecard

We’ve been following the ChargeCard story since it debuted as a Kickstarter project last fall. The credit card-sized accessory, which has garnered all kinds of media and consumer attention, fits in your wallet, ensuring you’re never left without a charging cable.

Earlier this year, we went hands on with a pre-production version of the 30-pin model of the ChargeCard, which is perfect for connecting your older iPhone to a USB port for charging. But what if you have an iPhone 5? Never fear, the iPhone 5 model is here…

From ChargeCard’s website:

“Lightning ChargeCard is your iPhone’s new best friend. Your iPhone 5 is your most important tool, but it’s just glass and aluminum once your battery dies. With ChargeCard, you’ll have a Lightning cable with you at all times, so you can juice up from any USB port and turn that glass back into an iPhone.”

It’s worth noting here that the ChargeCard is not MFi (Made for iPhone) certified. This isn’t a huge deal for now, but it’s been discovered that iOS 7 will actually populate a warning when it discovers that an unauthorized accessory has been connected to a device.

Otherwise, if you’re interested in picking one up, you can find the new iPhone 5 ChargeCard on the company’s web store. It’ll cost you $25. Shipping is $2 Stateside, $4 international, and it looks like the first batch of Cards will be available starting July 30.