Strap-E iPhone case carries your cash, credit cards and more


I’ve long been in search of a proper wallet-iPhone case combo that would allow me to leave my conventional wallet at home. I’ve tried the BookBook, the HEX and several others, but have yet to find one that met my requirements for form and function.

This new Strap-E case looks interesting though. It’s a slim (only adds 3mm to your iPhone) plastic, slide-on case that has durable, injection molded loops on the back that allow it to carry cash, credit cards and almost anything else you can fit in your pocket…

strap-e 2

The creator, John Nodilo, pitches the Strap-E as a “fun, flexible, and limitless case that can hold anything you can imagine and look the part doing it.” It’s made of high quality materials, and is set to be manufactured in the USA—which isn’t common these days.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the Strap-E isn’t available yet. Nodilo says he has the molds ready and has turned to Kickstarter to help get production underway. He currently only has $2,500 of his $19,000 goal, but it’s still early, with 30 days left in the project.

A pledge of just $25 scores you an iPhone 4 or iPhone 5 case pre-order, in a variety of colors, and shipping is expected to begin in September. I think that’s a bit pricey for what it is, but I’d have to use it myself to really determine it’s worth. It looks cool on paper.

What do you think?