Foxconn said to be hiring workers to build next-gen iPhone


According to a new report, Foxconn—Apple’s go-to manufacturing partner for many of its iOS devices—has begun hiring workers to help it produce the next-generation iPhone. A recruiting firm that works with the company has reportedly started large-scale recruitment.

The boost in hiring makes sense, as recent reports suggest that Apple has begun ramping up production of its next-gen handset ahead of what is expected to be a fall launch. We saw a similar bolster in Foxconn’s workforce ahead of the iPhone 5’s launch last summer…

CNET points to the report in China Business News:

“Foxconn Technology Group, the world’s largest contract manufacturer of electronics by revenue, has restarted hiring assembly line workers in the  Chinese mainland to produce Apple’s next-generation gadget iPhone 6, the China Business News (CBN) reported Tuesday, citing company insiders.”

Though the report refers to the product as the ‘iPhone 6,’ it doesn’t appear to be more than guesswork, as there is no indication of a model number of the handset. Besides, as aforementioned, the timing matches up perfectly with Apple’s forecasted iPhone 5S production.

Foxconn has been a major producer of the iPhone and iPad for the past few years, but word is that it’s been losing some orders recently to its Taiwanese competitor Pegatron Corp. Many believe the move has something to do with Foxconn’s iPhone 5 production issues.

We don’t know much about this year’s iPhone release, but many believe that it will be an ‘S’ model upgrade to its predecessor. Its features are rumored to include a faster processor, a dual LED flash, a better camera with slow-motion capabilities and a fingerprint sensor.

Apple is expected to unveil the handset, alongside multiple refreshed iPads and other products, sometime in the next three months.