New iPhone-compatible smartwatch features voice and gesture controls

kreyo 1

The list of iPhone-compatible smartwatches seems to grow longer by the week. And it’s not just Kickstarters anymore—Apple, Google, Samsung and LG are just a few of the tech giants rumored to be building wearable devices. Heck, even Foxconn is getting into the space.

But as the old saying goes, “the more the merrier,” so we thought we’d add another one to the list this afternoon. It’s called the Kreyos, and its creators say that it’s the only smartwatch on the market right now that features both voice and gesture controls. Here, take a look…

kreyo 2

For starters, the Kreyos is really much more than just a smartwatch. It’s a fitness tracker, it’s a Bluetooth speakerphone, and thanks to its SDK, it will be a lot more. The device itself can be removed from the watchband, and worn on a lanyard, clipped to clothing and other things.

Here, it’d be easier just to show you what it can do:

As you can see in the video, the Kreyos isn’t in production yet. The team is currently trying to raise money via Indiegogo to get the ball rolling. And with over 40 days left, it’s already doubled its $100,000 goal. You can get on the pre-order list by pledging $110 or more.

The watch seems to tick all of the appropriate feature boxes. It’s water-proof, and using voice control you can activate Siri, answer phone calls, and compose text messages/emails. And with   its custom gesture actions, you can control your smartphone with a quick flick of the wrist.

But while Kreyos sounds good on paper, only time will tell if that will translate into a hit product. The developers are hoping to start shipping the smartwatch in November of this year, and it’s quite possible that the wearable computer space will be much more crowded by then.

What do you think of the Kreyos?