New content deal to bring CW programming to Apple TV

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Great news Supernatural fans. The CW television network has reportedly struck a deal with Apple to bring the popular TV show, among other programming, to the Apple TV. It currently has applications out for the Xbox 360 and Windows 8.

The news came during the company’s annual Upfront Presentation in New York today, where CW president Mark Pedowitz announced that its TV Now application would be coming to Apple’s beloved set top box sometime later this year…

Deadline reports:

Like most other broadcasters this upfront week, CW execs today urged advertisers to consider the network’s involvement with digital platforms — and announced that its streamed shows, now available on Windows and Xbox, will also work with Apple TV. “This year we’re reaching more viewers on more platforms, ” CW President Mark Pedowitz said during the CW presentation.

With more than 20% of the network’s audience coming from digital sources, CW “will continue to make it as easy for you [to advertise] on every platform we’re on now and in the future.”

MacRumors spoke with CW, and confirmed that CW content will be coming to the Apple TV via a dedicated application. It will be located on the device’s Home screen, and offer access to full episodes. No paid cable authentication required.

It’s an interesting move, that kind of clouds up the future of the ATV platform. While Apple already has partnerships with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, this will be its first deal with an individual TV network. Will more follow suit?

The Cupertino company’s plans for the living room have long been the subject of far-reaching speculation, with rumors of its ongoing projects ranging from an Apple television set to an Apple TV app store. But so far, nothing has materialized.