Popular Clear to-do app goes free for a limited time

Clear 1.1 for iOS (iPhone screenshot)

Since it launched in February of last year, the Clear to-do app by Realmac Software has been extremely popular. Its unique (at the time) use of swipes and multitouch gestures, mixed with its no-nonsense UI has made it a favorite among iPhone users.

And good news today for those of you who haven’t tried Clear yet—either because you haven’t gotten around to it, or didn’t want to pay for it—Starbucks has made the app its “App of the Week,” meaning users can download it for free for a limited time…

The discount, which has been mentioned on a number of deal sites this week, appears to have started Sunday. So if it follows the same trend as Starbuck’s other App of the Week deals, Clear should remain free to download through at least next weekend.

Getting it won’t be as easy as just popping into iTunes though. You’ll either have to physically visit a Starbucks location, where you can use a store-provided gift card or the Starbucks iPhone app to get the deal, or you’ll have to find a proper download link.

Clear has come a long way since it first debuted. It now has a much more robust list of features, and it even added a Mac application last fall. If you’d like to check it out for free, follow this link and make sure you sign in with a US iTunes account.