You can now sign up for Boingo subscriptions with iTunes credentials via Wi-Finder

boingo 1

You wouldn’t think that an update to an app that maps out Wi-Fi hotspots would be newsworthy, but this new release from Boingo Wireless could have a significant impact on how travelers access the internet.

The hotspot provider updated its Wi-Finder app today with the ability to sign up for access to its wireless internet in-app. So signing up for a Bingo subscription is now as easy as typing in your iTunes password…

From Boingo’s press release:

“Boingo Wireless (NASDAQ: WIFI), the leading DAS and Wi-Fi provider that serves consumers, carriers and advertisers worldwide, today announced that iOS users can now use their iTunes account to purchase a Boingo subscription, making it easier than ever to enjoy Wi-Fi access at more than 600,000 hotspots worldwide.

The latest version of Boingo’s award-winning Wi-Finder app for iOS – now available on the iTunes App Store – links directly to a customer’s iTunes account, streamlining subscription sign-up and monthly billing by using existing iTunes credentials and billing information. Users can activate the new plan on multiple iOS devices, allowing customers to quickly connect all of their favorite iOS devices to unlimited Boingo Wi-Fi without entering account information.”

Per the App Store business model, this means that Boingo will be handing over 30% of the revenue it makes off in-app subscription purchases to Apple. But obviously, it’s hoping to offset the loss with new customers.

For example, I rarely use pay-for Wi-Fi hotspots now while traveling due to their complicated checkout processes. But if I could just pay using my iTunes credentials, I’d be much more likely to check it out.

Other benefits of Boingo’s Wi-Finder app include a VPN (Virtual Private Network) service, which keeps your connection on public Wi-Fi hotspots secure, and the ability to track your device’s monthly data usage.

If you’re interested in checking out Wi-Finder, you can find it in the App Store for free. The plan costs $7.99 per month, and provides unlimited Wi-Fi for all your iOS devices via Boingo’s 600,000+ global hotspots.

What do you think, will you be more apt to use Boingo’s Wi-Fi service after today’s update?