Verizon to start offering $100 off iPhone 5 this month

verizon wireless

T-Mobile must have rattled some cages when it introduced its $99 iPhone 5 last month, because we’re starting to see more competitive pricing from the other carriers. Sprint is currently offering $100 off the iPhone 5 for new customers, and it looks like Verizon is about to launch a promotion of its own…

9to5Mac points to a tweet from its red-hot industry source evleaks this morning that claims Big Red will begin knocking $100 off Apple’s latest handset “mid-month.” The information is pretty vague, but given evleaks’ recent track record with mobile rumors, the potential for savings is definitely worth noting.

Assuming the discount applies to all models, it would drop the 16GB iPhone 5 down to $99, the 32GB to $199 and the 64GB to $299. Keep in mind, though, that all of these prices include a new two-year contract with the carrier—something T-Mobile and other regional providers seem to be moving away from.

Also keep in mind that we are likely just a few months away from Apple unveiling the iPhone 5S. So, despite the deal, it may be worth holding out a little while longer. Reports suggest we will see the next-gen handset, with a better camera and built-in fingerprint reader, sometime between late summer and early fall.