Apple adds new ‘Later’ download option for iTunes media purchases


Good news iTunes users. It’s been discovered today that Apple has added a new download option for folks purchasing a variety of iTunes content including movies, TV shows (episodes, Season Passes, and complete seasons) and boxed music sets.

Now, when purchasing any of the above items using iTunes 11 or a device running iOS 6+, you’re presented with ‘Later’ and ‘Download’ buttons. This gives you the option to either download your purchase immediately, or delay it to a later date…

As noted in Apple’s Knowledge Base article on the new download options, first spotted by Macworld, the new ‘Later’ option is basically a deferment tool. Tapping it, instead of Download, will simply complete your purchase and take you back to iTunes.

Then, once you’re ready to access the content, simply pop into the iTunes app on your desktop or iOS device and navigate to the ‘Purchases’ tab. Like all other iTunes in the Cloud-compatible purchases, all of your buys should be there, available for download.

Unfortunately, because this utilizes iTunes in the Cloud, only users in countries where it’s available will be able to use the new Later option for iTunes purchases. If you’re not sure if that’s you or not, you can find out on Apple’s support page.

Sure, adding a download later button to iTunes isn’t anything groundbreaking, but I’m glad Apple did it. I know there’s been situations before where I saw a movie on sale, but ended up not getting the deal because I wasn’t in a position to download it.

What’s your take on the download later option?