Preview BlackBerry 10 on your iPhone now

BlackBerry 10 logo (no letters, blue)

It looks as if BlackBerry, formerly know as Research in Motion, has managed to generate some respectable buzz around its brand new mobile operating system called BlackBerry 10. The Canadian mobile manufacturer has sold one million of its all-new BlackBerry Z10 smartphones which run the latest software and reported a fourth quarter profit of $98 million, the first positive earnings in quite a while.

I wouldn’t write off BlackBerry yet and if you’ve been wondering what all the fuss is about, the company has written a nice web app which lets you preview some of the key features of BlackBerry 10 right on your iPhone or Android device. Just fire up Safari on your iPhone and go to for, well, a glimpse of BlackBerry 10…

The preview (via CNET) is not fully interactive as you’re required to follow a set of pre-determined actions. The step-by-step tutorial gives a good feel of some of the software’s key capabilities, like┬áthe predictive virtual keyboard, the Hub, BBM Video and Screen Share and the┬áTime Shift camera.

BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 002)BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 003)

The new operating system has a bunch of nice features, some of them not seen on rival platforms. I’m loving how the Hub market is just a swipe away, no matter where you happen to be.

BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 001)BlackBerry 10 preview (screenshot 004)

The Time Shifting camera is also a very useful feature and something we’d very much welcome on the iPhone. In a nutshell, when you’re snapping up an image, the camera actually takes a bunch of images in a rapid succession.

Some Android handsets sport similar capabilities, but it’s the interface which sets apart BlackBerry 10’s Time Shifting camera.

I won’t spoil all the fun for you so do check out the preview yourself and tell us about your favorite feature down in the comments.