The Sensu Brush will change your uncool stylus stereotypes

Sensu Brush

When I think of a stylus, I immediately jump to this image in my head of a nerd wearing something like a Best Buy Geek Squad suit with thick glasses and black rims. On the weekend this person likes to configure Punnett squares with the probabilities of his offspring’s hair color instead of actually dating. Obviously he lists Binary as his second language on the resume.

Anyway, I’m here to break this stereotype. Not that I exude coolness or a hip, forward lifestyle, but I like to think I’m not a pocket protecting member of the nerd herd. Sensu is a cool stylus and after about 500 words, I think you will agree…

The cool factor

On the quest to find the perfect stylus brush, Artist Hardware tested various brush types from metal and metallic fibers. Through a mutual friend in Japan, the company found a new hair technology that is in development for the cosmetic industry. This standard brush hair is infused with conductive properties which helped powder release from brushes when contacted with skin. Thus, the new synthetic and conductive brush hair is utilized in the Sensu.

Sensu Brush tip

The patent pending brush technology is the premier reason to purchase a Sensu brush. It actually feels like a real paint brush. The bend, pull, sway, and flick of the Sensu is silky smooth and just rigid enough to perfect the feel of a standard brush. Even the length is precise, a comfortable weight and even balance, with the slightest preference to lean toward the surface.

In addition to the brush, a rubber stylus, akin to any other stylus you might find, is standard on the outside of the enclosure. For quick taps and swipes, it operates similarly to other competitors. It is only intended as a convenience, in my opinion. Even when browsing the internet or cruising through my regular news apps, I still heavily preferred to use the brush. The brush is just a better option when it comes to choosing a stylus.

Standard styli, such as the one on Sensu’s outside tip, require a heavy handed tap or smash to get the desired reaction. I feel as if bearing down on the iPad glass will scratch it. The brush tip does not require the same aggressive pressure or stiffness. It will not react just by touching the extreme tip of the brush, however. A small stroke is required, but this fluid motion is much preferred to banging a regular stylus.


If you have ever considered getting a stylus, for any reason, buy this one. I have used other styli and they have paled in comparison to the Sensu brush. Obviously at $39.99, this is not exactly an impulse buy, but if you paint, draw, or even take a lot of notes on your iPad, this is a solid investment. If you aren’t satisfied, Artist Hardware will refund your purchase for up to 90 days, but I’m betting you keep it. Who decided styli were nerdy in the first place?


  • Brush is extremely more effective as a stylus than a rubber nub
  • Feels like a real brush
  • It is an elegant design and well weighted


  • It does not have a clip, so you need to carry it in your pocket
  • Pricey in comparison to other styli, but the competitors are not brushes