ColcaSac promotes natural product materials and iPad minimalism

ColcaSac iPad Mini Sleeve

The iPad mini is an elegant device with its chamfered edges and anodized coating. I really hate using cases that cover up the design, which brings me to sleeves. The best thing about a slipcase is the ability to enjoy the beauty and feel of the iPad mini without covering it up in a terrible, bulky case. The people at ColcaSac, whose iPhone case I previously covered, have developed a new line of cases for the iPad mini…

Style and Usage

The case is made of heavy duty burlap and it has hand-sewn recycled fleece cotton lining. The burlap is reminiscent of an old coffee bag that breaks in with wear, and may even catch oil off your hands for an individualized finished like a leather wallet. Even the velcro enclosure tab is made to prevent scratching your mini, another nice detail.

When I first tried to use the case, it was extremely difficult to get the iPad mini inside. In fact, this case even comes with directions on how to get your iPad mini to fit inside the first few times you use it. After contacting the company, they insured me after a few days of use that the hand-sewn case would form and stretch around my iPad mini which will guarantee the most tight fit over time.

ColcaSac Initial Fit

The seams are sewn on the inside, taking up interior space, making the fit more snug, but provides a cleaner look on the outside. When first placing the iPad mini in the sleeve, one side of the iPad mini sat above the seam and the other side is opposite, as seen in the picture above. Don’t be afraid to really jam your iPad mini into this sleeve. You’re not going to tear the seams and, because of the soft lining, your iPad mini will not be scratched.

After approximately 3 days of continued use, the sleeve now fits my iPad, still very tightly, but it’s not as difficult to slide in. Also, the mini can now fit properly in the sleeve, with both edges resting below the seam line. Over more time, I believe I could loosen it enough to use a slim case on my iPad and store it in the sleeve, but the sleeve is made to prevent the need for a case and I do not intend on stretching it further.

The sleeve is available in different varieties, including one that looks like a Columbian coffee bag. Thanks to ColcaSac, I received the new Siargao iPad sleeve for review, which is inspired by the Pacific Ocean.


At $34.95, the ColcaSac sleeve is worth giving a second look. The hand sewn material guarantees a certain level of quality and it is protected by a 60 day return policy and 3 year repair guarantee. Most of all, I’m a big fan of the iPad mini sleeve because it allows me to carry and transport my device whether in a bag, backpack, or duffel while protecting it throughout the journey. Then when I get to my destination, I can pull my iPad mini out of its sleeve and use it the way it was meant to be used, naked.

Update 3/24/13

ColcaSac Fitted

After using the sleeve for a few more days, it has settled well. The sleeve is still extremely tight, but has stretched to accommodate the full width of the iPad mini. To make sure this worked, I was diligent about placing the mini below both seems, as mentioned above.