RokDock is the new iPhone throne [review + giveaway]

RokDock Black

Rokform is quite a regular on the review stream around these parts and it should come as no surprise. Before you assume, no, this is not a sponsored post. Simply, Rokform makes extremely quality products and I am always impressed by them.

The most recent chunks of T-6061 aircraft grade aluminum that Rokform CNC machined into a usable hunk of metal is the RokDock. The heaviest accessory on my desk, the three pound dock is a hyper-masculine throne upon which my iPhone rests. The RokDock is just awesome, no need to complain about my open love affair with their products…


At first glance, the RokDock is a squatty, square hunk of metal that, to the casual observer, might not actually look like an iPhone dock. I appreciate the intrigue of the two-tone design that looks more like an active machine than a passive stand. The iPhone opening is wide enough at the mouth to hold your iPhone with any array of cases, even a thicker protective model. A rubberized bumper sits at the back, adjusting the viewing angle and opening size. If you are an iPhone purist, move it forward to prevent such an acute sitting angle.

RokDock Cradle

To assist with operability, the cradle is tilted in a slightly backward direction to cock the iPhone at a more viewable position. The front of the opening is also slanted in the rear direction. The combination of double angled surfaces keep your iPhone completely still when pressing the Home button or tapping the screen.

Comprised of four individual pieces, the RokDock disassembles, screw driver included, to reveal a Lightning cable access point from the rear. In a dock, charging is important and the RokDock provides a way to install the cable manually. By disassembling the three aluminum pieces the cable opening becomes apparent and a set screw will hold the charger in place. The adjustable height provides users with varying case sizes the option to raise or lower the access depth.

RokDock Blowout

Additionally, there is a chamber carved into the center piece, see above, that helps project sound from the iPhone speakers. Two speaker amplification channels are cut just above the chamber to project music from your iPhone, even if it is cradled into the dock. I really appreciate the amplification channels are bored to mirror the speaker grills on the iPhone 5.

Four rubber anti-slip grips adorn the bottom to prevent the dock from sliding around when taking your iPhone off or placing it onto the charging cable. More importantly, the hefty chunk of aluminum will not scratch the precious surface of your desk.


It comes as no surprise, I highly recommend the RokDock. I first fell in love with it while attending CES in January. With all of these great features and a statue-esque design, what’s not to love? Well, unfortunately, the machining process, quality grade aluminum, and coloring are not cheap. To place an iPhone altar on your desk, it will set you back $99.00 (available in several colors).

The RokDock will, however, be the last stand you ever buy. I have a small museum’s worth of iPhone docks stacked across my house and office, but the RokDock easily earned its way to position number one, even beating out my Rokform Rokstand.


What do you have to do to win?

We teamed up with Rokform to giveaway this awesome stand! One lucky winner who follows the next steps will be chosen to win a stand in the color of their choice:

Thanks again to Rokform for sending over the review unit and we look forward to selecting a winner by week’s end. You will be contacted via Twitter DM if you have won!

Winner announced!

And the winner of our RokDock giveaway is @GGurudas. The winner has been contacted via Twitter with further details. Thank you to everyone who entered the giveaway, and of course, thank you to to RokForm for making it possible in the first place.