Chrome for iOS updated to fix jailbreak-related startup crash

Chrome for iOS (iPhone screenshot 009)

Last week, Google rolled out an update for its Chrome browser on iOS. The update included a new sharing feature, the ability to quickly view your browsing history, and unfortunately, a major bug for jailbroken devices.

Users on jailbroken iPhones and iPads noticed that after installing the update, Chrome would crash upon startup. And it’s a good thing we found a fix for it when we did, because Google is just now getting around to it…

A new version (version 25.0.1364.124 to be exact) of Chrome popped up in the App Store today, with just a single item in its change log: ‘Fix for startup crash.’ So if you’ve been avoid Chrome due to the bug, it should be safe now.

What caused the conflict between Google’s mobile browser and our jailbroken devices? Well according to Cydia’s Jay Freeman, also known as Saurik, Google added jailbreak-specific code in the last update without out testing it first.

But regardless, it looks like the problem has been solved. So if you haven’t already fixed the startup crashing issue on your own using our tutorial, you can update to the new version, or grab Chrome from the App Store for free.