Change or hide your status bar carrier name with ‘CarrierPigeon’

There are literally about a million and one ways to change the carrier name on an iPhone, and CarrierPigeon is the latest such jailbreak tweak to hit Cydia. As you would imagine, CarrierPigeon is a simple and straightforward jailbreak tweak. Its settings panel contains options to allow you to outright hide the iPhone’s carrier name in the status bar, and of course, an option that allows you to customize the carrier name with your own text.

While there’s no way I can totally verify it, CarrierPigeon’s Cydia page says that the developer, jayja1lbreak, is a mere 12 years old. CarrierPigeon is his first jailbreak tweak to appear on Cydia.

The tweak, while certainly not original, works pretty much as expected. Normally, I’d knock it a few levels for the lack of originality, but the kid is 12 years old. What’s not to love about that?

CarrierPigeon can be downloaded right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo free of charge.