DisableNCPlus lets you kill Notification Center on a per-app basis

How many times have you been swiping through a level of Infinity Blade, or Fruit Ninja, and accidentally pulled down the Notification Center? I know it happens enough to me to be a nuisance.

Well the good news is, for all of you jailbreakers out there, there are tweaks that allow you to disable the pull-down menu. And a new one just hit Cydia that actually lets you do it on a per-app basis…

The name of the tweak is DisableNCPlus, and it installs itself in your Settings app. From there, you can use it to either disable the Notification Center for all apps, or you can pick each one individually.

So say for example you like having the NC enabled while browsing the web, but you hate it during games. You would go into the DisableNCPlus app list, located in Settings, and select your games.

Now, does the tweak do anything groundbreaking? No. But what it does do, it does very well. During my testing, I disabled the Notification Center on 20 apps, and there were no missteps or crashes.

Admittedly, I’ll probably end up deleting DisableNCPlus—few tweaks make it past a week on my iPhone. But I’m sure some folks out there will find it really handy. Check it out, it’s $1 in the BigBoss repo.