iPhones found to be 300% more reliable than Samsung handsets

iphone user

Earlier this week, research firm Strategy Analytics issued a report showing that the iPhone 5 and 4S are the two most popular smartphones in the world. The 5 alone accounts for 13% of all smartphones shipped globally.

Today, crowd-sourced trouble-shooting website FixYa shared its own findings on the smartphone space. And according to its data, Apple’s handset isn’t just the best-selling in the world. It’s also [by far] the most reliable…

FixYa’s Smartphone Reliability Report (via BGR) uses data based on nearly a million combined problem impressions from troubleshooting requests posted by consumers through its product Q&A site and iOS mobile app.

For the report, the site assigned each smartphone manufacturer a Reliability Score—the fewer problem impressions the company had relative to their market share, the higher the score. Here’s how everyone faired:

  • Apple: 3.47
  • Samsung 1.21
  • Nokia: 0.68
  • Motorola: 0.13

Even with complaints on battery life, lack of new features, no customizability and Wi-Fi connection issues, the iPhone still dominated the testing landscape, with a reliability score almost three times higher than everyone else.

As far as the other manufacturers, Samsung users’ top complaints consist of microphone and speaker issues. Nokia users’ main beefs are ‘laggy response times’ and poor app selection, and Motorola users seem to have problems with everything.

If you want to read FixYa’s entire Reliability Report, you can find it here.

I have to say, I spent a few years selling phones in the wireless retail industry, and these findings line up nicely with my experiences. Motorola and Samsung smartphones seemed to always have the most troubles (we didn’t sell Nokia).

What are your experiences with the above smartphones? Which do you think are the most reliable?