MuscleNerd, pimskeks, planetbeing and pod2g team up as the ‘evad3rs’

evad3rs logo

So this is kind of interesting. Amidst all of the recent talk of the iOS 6 jailbreak nearing completion, pod2g has made a rather unexpected announcement. Apparently he, and three other well known iOS hackers are forming a team.

That team is called ‘evad3rs,’ and it consists of MuscleNerd, of iPhone Dev-Team fame, pimskeks from the Chronic-Dev Team, planetbeing, who has been working diligently on the latest jailbreak, and of course there’s pod2g…

Here is the announcement made by pod2g from his Twitter page:

Now, it’s unclear at the moment just exactly what the team is, or will be, working on. But from the looks of things, they might just be a new hacking crew—sort of like the new ‘Dream Team.’ After all, these are the guys working on the latest jailbreak.

Obviously, we’ll learn more about this as time goes on. There hasn’t even been a tweet yet from the aforementioned evad3rs account. But for the moment, just make sure you heed pod2g’s warning, and watch out for impostors asking for money.

On the jailbreak front, it seems there’s been some real progress made over the last week or so. The last we heard, developers were practically begging Apple to drop iOS 6.1—a hint that they may be fairly close to completing the long-awaited hack.

Update: Our very own Jeff Benjamin has done some sleuthing and discovered a website, registered today, with the url ‘’ It’s listed under a proxy, so we can’t see the real owner, but given pod2g’s announcement today, it’s likely theirs.

What does this mean? Nothing, for right now. But keep an eye on this domain, it could prove significant in the future.

Update 2: We’ve confirmed that is owned by the group, as the site now forwards to their official Twitter account.

Update 3: We now know the name of the jailbreak. It will be called evasi0n.