Catch big airs with the ESPN X Games app

X Games

What is the best part of winter? Winter X games! I am a huge X games fan, particularly the Winter X competition, and the best way to keep up with the details is the free iPhone and iPad apps. In true ESPN fashion, the app just updated last week and the games start tomorrow. So, consider this your public service announcement…

The launch page is a quick overview of the upcoming games with videos and highlight information. A navigation bar at the top provides quick access to the schedule, videos, and a contextual menu. The schedule is sortable by sport, venue, date, and television network, giving a decent way to narrow down your favorite sports. Athlete roster lists are located in the contextual menu and allow you to favorite specific athletes, but I cannot figure out how to view a list of only my favorites. Also lacking is the ability to favorite individual sports.

Winter X Screenie

Most frustratingly, the app does not allow for alarms dedicated to individual sports, times, players, medals or the like, at least not that I have found in my short dealings with the newly downloaded app. There is merely an on/off alert switch. Consequently, prepare to be spam notified over the next four days about everything ‘X,’ or never get any information that is decent, worth while, or even something you care about.

Naturally, there is a long wish list of items this app should utilize, but, after all, it is Winter X, man! Hang ten, right? It is the best way to keep up with the activities, but I’m not promising a perfect experience.