Poll: my next cell phone will be…

iPhone 5 mini (Martin uit Utrecht 001)

These days, it’s all but impossible to escape Apple hate speech. You know who to blame: big media. I mean, stock manipulators played even the credulous Wall Street Journal. It’s not just WSJ – or NYT or Reuters, for that matter.

Anti-Apple Forbes hit new lows with clickbait headlines like this one or this one. And as crazypants analysts voice their concern regarding “Apple’s lack of a strategy in the lower-end phone”, they at the same time continue to hallucinate about a happiness or time travel machine from Apple.

And all of them get an assistance from traffic-hungry journalists like Dan Lyons whose write-ups sound bitter and idiotic. But in spite of all that FUD talk, Apple is demolishing Android in every metric that matters. None of this frenzy should matter when considering your next cell phone.

But real life can be a bitch and with so much negative publicity mounting ahead of Apple’s earnings report, no wonder some of the faint-hearted fans are beginning to question their faith in the California firm. I know where my heart stands, but I want to know one thing: do you know where your heart stands? So, what’s your next phone gonna be?

It’s hard to please everyone and with literally dozens upon dozens of devices vying for our attention, I had to narrow down the choices to a few most popular brands and models.

Cast your vote now.

As always, join us for some healthy discussion (and keep it civil).

Before you jump straight to the comments, I wanna just touch briefly on this anti-Apple hysteria.

Nobody explains it better than Dan Pallotta of Pallotta TeamWorks (via MacDailyNews).

Short term expectations for Apple are so high that people are hallucinating, they’re missing the big picture. They literally expect Apple to come out with, like a ‘happiness machine’ or a time travel machine… Apple doesn’t have to disrupt at that level to thrive and Apple doesn’t have to innovate every 20 minutes in order to be one of the best investments on the planet.

People are piling on Tim Cook, saying “Oh, he hasn’t introduced a new disruptive product, he hasn’t innovated.” He hasn’t innovated?

This is a guy who, in a year, has taken the company through this horrible process of bereavement and refreshed every single product in the lineup. People forget, Steve Jobs didn’t innovate every year. He didn’t come up with some disruptive product every year.

You know, it was four years from the time that he retook the reins at Apple until the time that he came up with the iPod. And, when he came up wioth the iPod, everybody says, “Oh, it’s too expensive.”

It was six years between the iPod and the iPhone and when he came us with the iPhone, everybody said, “Well, that’s not a disruption… it’s too expensive.”

Then another four years, until he comes up with the iPad and then when everybody sees that, they say “Oh, that’s not a disruption, that’s just a bigger iPhone.”

So, what people don’t understand is that Apple takes the time to get things right and that is the disruption.

Nailed it!

This is Pallotta telling CNBC why he has a long position on Apple stock.

Lead iPhone mini mockup courtesy of Martin Hajek.