Survey: the iPad mini becomes ‘kid’s tablet’ for holiday gifts

We’re still gaining insights from holiday sales of Apple products. The latest finding: the iPad mini is now dubbed the “kid’s tablet” after one survey found post-Christmas usage of Apple’s smaller tablet rose 270 percent among families with young children. The new data comes from the makers of Kindertown.

Kindertown makes an app which helps parents find child-suitable apps. Among other findings culled from the software’s more than 200,000 users: while the iPad 4 was popular as a family gift, children also adopted the original iPad as a technological hand-me-down. Elsewhere, iPhone’s were not a big gift item for this demographic, after-Christmas usage of Apple’s handset not rising following the holidays…

According to charts from TechCrunch, the iPad mini, the fourth and fifth generation iPod touch, as well as the original iPad all gained usage after Christmas, suggesting they were popular holiday gifts.

Usage of iPhones and the iPad 2 and 3 declined following the holidays, indicating these Apple devices did not make it under the tree in Kindertown’s audience.

The data from the KinderTown app, which acts as a family-friendly version of the App Store, also shows that while the iPad mini and the iPad 4 were popular gifts, the preference among parents seemed weighted toward the smaller tablet.

There was a 272 percent difference in iPad mini usage after Christmas, compared to before December 25. By comparison, there was just a 190 percent increase in usage of Apple’s latest full-size tablet, the iPad 4.

Finally, the post-holiday gift report for children seems to largely echo the products kids most wanted.

In November we reported that tablets topped the list. While the Nielsen survey found the Apple logo among four of the top five most-wanted gifts, the iPad 4 was requested more than the iPad mini.