Burglary at Microsoft research campus, only iPads taken


Here’s a funny little story for your Saturday morning. A report popped up yesterday that Microsoft communicated to police earlier this week that there had been a burglary in one of the buildings on its campus in Mountain View, California.

The thief, or thieves, broke into 3 offices in Building 5 on the campus between December 19 and 26, when most folks were gone for the holidays. And — here’s the funny part — despite all of the gadgets laying around, only iPads were taken…

The Daily Post (via Joshua Anderson) reports:

“Microsoft reported that two iPad 2s, and two iPad 3s with a combined value of more than $3,000 were taken some time time between Dec. 19 and Dec. 26 on the company’s campus. A police report also said a fifth tablet — described as an iPad4, worth $729 — was taken as well…

…No Microsoft products were reported stolen.”

From the looks of it, this was more than likely an inside job. Police say they’ve found no evidence of forced entry, and Microsoft says that all of its employees have access to the building and all its offices through their electronic key cards.

Still, you just picture this thief scouring the building saying “Surface, no. Surface Pro, no. Prototype of new Windows Phone, no. Aha, iPads!” I mean, there had to be all kinds of Microsoft goodies in there. After all, it is a research campus.

At the moment, there aren’t any suspects. But Microsoft says it has some video surveillance in the building, and will be reviewing it to see who was around during the time frame of the theft.