Apple launches new system status page for iTunes Stores, iCloud and more

In addition to its iTunes update, Apple has rolled out a new version of its iCloud system status page today. The portal, which once only showed the operating status of iCloud services now offers a comprehensive look at several of Apple’s online assets including the App Store, Apple’s Online Store, and more…

Also new in the update is the interactive detailed timeline at the bottom of the page. It allows you to scroll through the past few days of activity to see when problems were recorded and for how long. The timeline currently goes as far back as December 11. It’s a nice feature, particularly for long-standing outages.


The update comes at an interesting time, as there’s been a number of reported iCloud-based service outages over the past few months. It seems that iMessage is often the culprit, but as you can see in the image above, Mail can also be a bit troublesome. Well, at least the next time something goes down, we’ll know where to look.