Lightning-enabled iPhone 5 dock for under $20

USB Fever joins the Lightning fever, so to speak, with an iPhone 5 focused dock that has a pass-through music jack and costs less than twenty bucks. In addition to a Lightning port, the dock is shaped for the iPhone 5 and is a nice option for those condemning Apple for not providing its own dock for the device. A pricier variant is also available with a pass-through audio jack which lets you feed audio out directly from your iPhone 5 via the dock to other music players using a standard 3.5mm jack while charging the device at the same time. As a bonus, the accessory has an additional 30-pin dock connector on the back…

Both the $16 Charging and Sync Dock Cradle for the iPhone 5 and the pricier $25 version have been designed and tested specifically for the iPhone 5 (via Cult of Mac).

And this is the $25 Charging and Sync Dock Cradle featuring both Lightning I/O and the legacy 30-pin dock connector.

Neither product includes a cable, so you’ll have to supply your own.

What did you expect for sixteen bucks?

Pictured below: the cheaper model, lacking a pass-through audio jack and sporting Lightning I/O on the back.

Also worth mentioning, both docks are available in white only.

If you’re interested, head over to the USB Fever web store.