AT&T’s LTE now available in Albuquerque, Reading, Salt Lake City and Puerto Rico

AT&T, the nation’s leading carrier, Monday morning announced its fourth-generation Long-Term Evolution (LTE) network is now available in Albuquerque, Reading, Salt Lake City and Puerto Rico markets, with the latter including Yauco, San German -Cabo Rojo and Guayama. Consumer Reports last week ranked AT&T worst of major U.S. carriers when it comes to voice and data service quality.

However, AT&T emerged as the nation’s leading carrier in terms of LTE deployment, though Verizon still has the most robust 4G network. AT&T doubled its LTE coverage in 2012, which as of mid-November covered more than 150 million people in a total of 103 markets. And as part of the ambitious $14 billion LTE network expansion project, AT&T’s LTE will expand to 250 million people by year-end 2013 and to 300 million by year-end 2014…

LTE is now available to customers in Albuquerque, Reading, Salt Lake City and Puerto Rico, the carrier confirmed in a series of press announcements this morning.

We also learned earlier that some carriers find it shocking that Apple actually conducts testing of their networks’ 4G LTE performance before allowing them to host 4G-enabled devices, such as the iPhone 5 and new iPads.

Say hello to AT&T’s flagship store in Chicago.

What’s your experience with AT&T’s 4G LTE been like in your area?

Specifically, what download and upload speeds are you seeing on a typical busy day?