WWJC 2013 set for New York in late August

Mark your calendars folks, the JailbreakCon team has just announced the date and location for their next big event: WWJC 2013. It looks like next year’s World Wide Jailbreak Convention is going to once again be in the United States, except it’s on the East Coast this time…

The JailbreakCon team has confirmed, as expected, via their official Twitter account, that WWJC 2013 will be held in New York. It will take place on August 23rd and 24th, and the team says that it has chosen a venue, but it hasn’t said where yet or gone into any further details.

WWJC is the world’s first convention for jailbreakers. It began two years ago as MyGreatFest in London’s Old Truman Brewery, and has since evolved into Jailbreakcon (or WWJC). The event is orchestrated by Craig “FlawlessFox” Fox and the rest of his JailbreakCon team.

What goes on at JailbreakCon? A lot of stuff actually. The conference is filled with several notable speakers like Saurik, the founder of Cydia, and well-known iOS hackers like p0sixninja and pod2g. And they give speeches, host workshops, and of course, talk jailbreaking. If you really want to know what it’s like, read Sebastien’s first-hand account of this year’s WWJC event, which was held in San Francisco, California.

Once again, iDB is an official sponsor of JailbreakCon, so we will continue to keep you updated with WWJC news as it comes in.

So, who’s excited for next year’s Jailbreak Conference?