iPad mini gets the 24kt gold treatment

If you though the iPad mini was overpriced at $329, wait until you see the tablet dipped in gold. As it does with all new Apple products, the folks over at Gold & Co. have given the new mini the 24kt gold treatment. And although it’s the definition of ostentatious, we have to say that it looks magnificent…

London-based Gold & Co., who specializes in gold-dipped iOS devices and other gadgets, tweeted the following message out over the weekend along with these two photos (via RedmondPie): “World’s first 24kt gold and rose gold iPad Mini from Gold & Co. London. For more info email info@goldandco.co.uk.

Here, the company explains some of the process:

“All buttons and bezels are hand-polished to a mirror finish then plated in a Multi layer process topped off with 24KT gold to ensure end-to-end coverage and worry-free durability. Each limited-edition item is individually numbered to ensure exclusivity. There are no factory locks on our devices, which means they can be used anywhere in the world.

There’s no word yet on how much one of these auriferous tablets is going to actually cost. But since the 24kt iPhone 5 sells for around $5,000, we’re assuming that the iPad mini will tout a similar price tag. Unfortunately, you’ll likely have to travel to Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, or London to find one.

What do you think of the 24kt gold mini?