SVP Phil Schiller says Apple has no plans for an iPhone 5 dock

Starting with the new iPhone, Apple will be replacing the decade-old 30-pin dock connectors in all of its future iOS devices. This means that, sans an adapter, all of your old dock accessories will become obsolete.

This includes Apple’s white 30-pin dock — a signature accessory that’s been around since the early iPod days. Most folks figured Apple would update it this fall with the new Lightning plug, but apparently that’s not the case…

9to5Mac passes along an email from Apple’s SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller. The message is in response to a question regarding whether or not Apple plans to make an iPhone 5-compatible dock. Here’s the email:

Of course, there will likely be several third-party options to choose from. Aftermarket 30-pin to Lightning adapters are already showing up on the web. But it’s still kind of weird that Apple decided to get out of the dock business.

What do you think, are you disappointed the iPhone dock won’t be updated?