Apple posts full iPhone 5 schematics

This is pretty interesting. It looks like Apple has posted up the full schematics for the iPhone 5 on its developer website. Even if you’re not a dev, you can find them in the Resources section.

Essentially, these are the blueprints for Apple’s new smartphone. And they give accessory and case makers dimensions for everything from the ringer switch to the home button…

From the diagram’s Note section:

  1. No metal contact withe iPhone 5 metal.
  2. Do not obstruct the acoustic openings: front mic, earpiece, and speaker.
  3. Do not obstruct the imaging features: front camera, rear camera, rear flash.
  4. Do not obstruct the proximity sensor or ALS (ambient light sensor).

Apple also says not to block the top and bottom glass windows on the back panel with metal. There’s antennas behind them, which is why the back isn’t completely aluminum.

The schematics won’t mean much to most folks, but they’re still cool nonetheless.

[Joel Johnson via Gizmodo]