iPhone 5 preorders to start on September 14th?

As we all know, Apple is set to unveil its new iPhone tomorrow. Thanks to insider reports, we’ve known that since July. But those early reports also predicted that iPhone 5 preorders would start tomorrow as well.

And that doesn’t seem to be the case, at least, according to new information. The word is that Apple is now in the process of beefing up its staff in preparation for September 14th preorders, which is this Friday…

MacRumors has the scoop:

“MacRumors is now hearing that pre-orders may not begin tomorrow following the media event and that they may instead start on Friday morning in a scenario similar to last year’s debut. We’re hearing that certain portions of Apple’s sales support team are significantly increasing their staffing levels beginning at 6:00 AM Eastern on Friday, with a major surge for the initial shift beginning at that time and a sustained level of high staffing for at least the remainder of the day.”

The report goes on to say that it’s unclear what time preorders will begin. Last year, iPhone 4S preorders (which also happened to start on the Friday after the announcement) started at 12:01 Pacific time.

Obviously, we’ll find out for sure tomorrow. But if this holds true, it gives you an extra couple of days to get the money together. And if you’re looking to sell an old iPhone, we have a post on the best places to do so.

So, who plans on preordering the iPhone 5?