Question of the Week: will you switch from AT&T to Verizon for LTE coverage?

As Ed brought out in his post just a few minutes ago, AT&T is scrambling to get its LTE network deployed in more cities with the iPhone 5’s debut on the horizon.

At this point, Verizon has many more markets covered with LTE than their fiercest competitor in the United States, and with the upcoming release of the first LTE enabled iPhone, it could have a significant impact on customer loyalty and sales.

With that in mind, would you consider switching from AT&T to Verizon, if AT&T doesn’t have an LTE network available in your market come iPhone 5 launch day? Sound off, in this week’s Question of the Week…

Right now Verizon features well over 300 LTE markets, while AT&T lags behind with just a hair over 50. That’s a pretty massive disparity between the two.

What’s the situation like in your market? Will you make the switch?