Don’t jump the gun in Keri Racing

Keri Racing, from Neowiz Internet (the same company that brought us London 2012, the official iOS game of the Olympics), takes on the hottest social network game hits by combining multiple genres in one fun new universe. Whether you’re a solo player or prefer to help friends and compete with them, Keri Racing has you covered.

Named for the cute cartoon birds that serve as mounts for racing against both the AI and friends in real-time, Keri Racing combines farming, being a business mogul, pet raising, RPG-esque stats building, and action-packed interactive racing to provide a unique social and racing experience. But the main goal here is to dominate the racing circuit by raising and racing your pet keris…

The menu-based controls for the sim-oriented portions of the game are fast and easy to navigate. Farming, business building, and pet raising are smoothly integrated in an elegant, creative interface. The game’s action portion, racing the adorable keris, offers easy to learn controls and plenty of different environments, tracks, and modes of play to keep gamers coming back for more.

Keri Racing offers so many different ways to build a successful keri empire, choosing one’s preferred style of play is easy. Rather than a simple linear progression, the game’s fully developed multi-genre options let gamers choose whether to focus on farming, business, questing, pet-raising or racing according to their whims. And of course, switching focus to keep the game fresh is part of the fun. Each of the game’s styles of play are fully developed, making farming the different crops, constructing the even greater number of different structures and businesses, raising keris with different stats specializations, and racing against the AI and friends for various rewards games in and of themselves.

Fun little extras give Keri Racing extra polish and ultimate appeal. For example, the shop in Keri Racing combines accessory set “outfits” that can be used to personalize one’s keris as well as make them better racers. Along with adorable accessories for keris, the shop offers plenty of decorations to personalize one’s property. Helping out friends by maintaining their properties nets rewards, too.

There’s even a minigame for instant pick-up-and-play gratification! Questing is a great way to familiarize oneself with all of the game’s options while building up coins and expanding one’s empire; players can pick up quests from in-game AI’s.

It’s obvious that plenty of creative design know-how went into making Keri Racing look and sound as good as it plays. Great character design, a bright color palette, and plenty of aesthetic variety make customization as fun as it is functional.

Keri Racing is available right now in the App Store for free.