German carrier announces new iPhone coming in September

While the September unveil and launch date for the new iPhone has been all-but-confirmed by a number of news outlets, Apple has still yet to officially make the call. And it may not for another two weeks.

But that didn’t stop German wireless carrier Mobilecom Debitel from sending out an announcement to its subscribers today, claiming that Apple’s latest smartphone will indeed go on sale next month…

9to5Mac points to the announcement, which they machine-translated to read the following:

“In September, it’s finally time for a new generation of smartphone to go on sale. mobilcom-debitel allows you to find free e-mail about everything worth knowing about iPhone.”

It would seem unprofessional for a carrier to make an announcement on rumors and speculation, but there’s no evidence that this is based on any new information. Apple rarely gives carriers intel regarding new products this far in advance, and if it did, you’d think there’d be some kind of NDAs involved.

Nevertheless, Mobilecom Debitel obviously feels confident enough in the September date to start sending out announcements to its subscribers. And it should. Not only has it been confirmed by The WSJ, Bloomberg, and other publications, but the well-connected Jim Dalrymple has given his “yep” of approval.

The new iPhone is expected to be unveiled at a media event on September 12, and to become available for pre-order the same day. The handset is said to officially launch the following Friday, September 21.