Graphic shows the state of app security on iOS and Android

A report came out last week from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (or MIT), claiming that the iPhone had crossed a “significant threshold” in mobile security. In fact, it deemed Apple’s platform one of the safest in the category.

But according to a new study, hackers aren’t having any problems cracking through the security of iOS applications. The data comes from Arxan Technologies, in the form of an infographic, regarding iOS and Android app security…

For a little context, Arxan defines “hacked” as an app that has had its security disabled, its features unlocked or modified, its ads removed, or has been infected with malware, pirated, or is the victim of source code/IP theft.

Here’s your graphic:

There’s a lot of interesting facts mentioned, but perhaps the most so is that 92% of the top 100 paid apps in the App Store have been hacked, and 100% for Android apps in the same category. You wonder how anyone makes any money.

Arxan has an answer to that too. Apparently, despite the piracy, mobile app revenues are expected to hit $46 billion dollars by the year 2016. $46 billion. Talk about a booming business. Now excuse me while I go learn how to program.

What do you think about some of the stats mentioned? Any surprises?