AT&T reportedly planning a September iPhone 5 launch

Recently, major news outlets all but confirmed that the next iPhone will be announced on September 12 and become available on September 21. Aligning nicely with that piece of information, a new report based on industry sources claims that carrier AT&T is planning to launch the iPhone 5 during the third or fourth week of September.

Moreover, the carrier apparently told its retails staff it has rescheduled a large training event for regional employees from the first week of October in order not to clash with a “huge announcement”

Boy Genius Report editor Jonathan Geller has some quality sources when it come to telcos, writing in an exclusive story:

According to a trusted AT&T source, the carrier is currently planning to launch Apple’s next-generation iPhone during the third or fourth week of September, with an all-hands-on-deck policy in place for employees that will extend through to the middle of October.

With less than four weeks left until the anticipated announcement, I’m wondering whether or not you’ll be upgrading to a sixth-generation iPhone?

I know I will.

Hopefully it’s gonna be the mother of all upgrades.