G-Form protected iPhone survives 1000 foot drop

Here’s an interesting video that will help you waste the remaining minutes of your Friday afternoon. In their typical over-the-top fashion, the folks over at G-Form have just uploaded a new clip proving how tough their iPhone cases are.

Outfitted in nothing but their G-Form gear, wing-suited base jumpers took an iPhone along with them on a 1000 foot free-fall to see if the case would live up to its reputation. And as you might have expected, the handset survived…


It’s actually pretty incredible that the iPhone not only survived the drop, but it managed to keep recording video through speeds that exceeded 100 mph. And even though we don’t see the iPhone at the end of the clip, it appears to be ok.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen G-Form pull a stunt like this. They’ve done everything from dropping iPads out of airplanes, to dropping bowling balls on them, all to prove how sturdy their cases are. And it seems to be working.

If you’re interested in G-Form’s iPhone cases, you can find them on the company’s website starting at $39.99.