The InVogue iPad stand is the perfect accessory for couch potatoes

Hitting the ground in early 2000, LapWorks, Inc. began making portable products for notebook computers. Over the last decade, the company has made items for major hardware companies, including privately labelled products for Targus. LapWorks then began making products for the iPad in 2010 and now offers a wide assortment of hardware accessories, of which the InVogue iPad Stand is a proud member.

There are plenty of evenings when my wife or I enjoy a movie on our iPad. As a hardware reviewer, there are plenty of iPad cases and stands around the house made specifically for that situation, but none of them are hands or lap-free. By that, I mean, the iPad must be held/rested on my lap or nearby table. Those who do not invest in fancy accessories are just holding it in their hands, and what a shame it is!

Everyone has experienced the burning shoulder syndrome that is caused by trying to hold the iPad at the perfect viewing angle while taking in their favorite Netflix movie. The InVogue iPad Stand is the prescription only LapWorks can fill…


At first glance, one immediately notices the sleek aluminum design of the InVogue iPad Stand, which very closely mimics the brushed aluminum of the iPad casing. The stand consists of two feet, a central stand, and arm for the iPad. Shipped in pieces, I had the stand up-and-running in around 5 minutes with minimal use of the instructions and, most importantly, no trips to the toolbox.

The stand elevates the iPad to a maximum height of 28.5″ and has a bi-pedal foot base of 16″. Same as the feet, the mounting arm reaches 16″, which means the unit is very stable, even when weighted by the iPad. The mounting head provides 180 degree, left-to-right rotation, and 360 degree, portrait-to-landscape rotation. At just more than 4 lbs, the InVogue is easy to tote around the house.

Thanks to our friends at LapWorks for sending over a review unit so I could slouch down in my favorite recliner and put InVogue to the test, all while downing a few episodes of Workaholics. I ultimately decided there is a love/hate relationship with this stand and no real middle ground:

I love not having to mess with a propped case or trying to rest my iPad on a nearby pillow. There are so many evenings I’m fighting a case to keep the iPad at the right viewing angle. InVogue held the iPad steadily, without slouching, for a solid hour and a half, which is great! Above all, I was able to tweak the iPad into a great viewing angle without adjusting any screws or tension rods. I proceeded to sit-back, relax, and enjoy some good laughs with free popcorn hands.

I hate not being able to swivel the arm around the main support pole. Now, as I mentioned, the iPad will pivot 180 degrees at the end of the arm, but the actual arm will not swivel around the center support. Consequently, if the iPad needs to be moved, the whole stand must be picked up and reset in the desired location. In addition, I am pretty upset the whole thing is not collapsible. With both feet and the arm ranging at 16″, you aren’t going to hide this in the corner. I really wish it collapsed on itself for easy stowaway under the couch, bed, or side table.



I certainly love InVogue much more than I hate it. The slick look and quality feel of the stand is exactly what I would expect at $99.95, but the inability to discreetly tuck the stand away is unfortunate. If you consistently watch shows or movies on your iPad, or frequently video chat, I highly recommend grabbing the InVogue stand from Amazon, as long as space is not an issue.


  • Hands free iPad viewing
  • Prevent shoulder fatigue
  • Great modern look and feel
  • Easily constructed
  • Compatible with first, second, and third gen iPads!


  • Arm does not swivel
  • Large footprint and not collapsible
  • At 28.5″ height, not tall enough for my bed

Do you have a stand you love to use to watch movies and TV on your iPad? If you don’t, would you ever consider buying one just for that reason? Let us know in the comments below!