Access the web from anywhere on your iPhone with AnyBrowser

When you get the sudden urge to look up something on Google or heck, iDB, what do you do? If you’re iPhone is locked, you have to unlock it, locate Safari, or whatever your browser of choice is, and launch it.

The process isn’t by any means tedious, but it could be cut significantly shorter if you installed a tweak like AnyBrowser. AnyBrowser allows you to access the internet from practically anywhere on your iPhone…

Imagine a simple web browser that you could quickly pull up from any screen on your iPhone — even the Lock screen. That’s essentially what AnyBrowser is. The tweak works hand in hand with Activator, so you can pair it to pretty much any action or gesture you’d like. I have it set to pop up when I swipe across my status bar, and so far I’m fairly happy with that setup.

But that’s not to say AnyBrowser is perfect — I’ve noticed a few annoyances in my short time with it. For one, it’s not easy to switch between open tabs. Tiny dots appear in the quarter-inch thin space between the browser window and control panel for every new tab you open, and you have to tap these dots to switch tabs. I also don’t like that you can’t open up links in Safari or any other full-scale browser. And there are a few other glitches.

The bottom line is, AnyBrowser is great for looking up things on the fly, but don’t expect it to integrate well with your work flow. If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself, you can find it in the BigBoss repo, in Cydia, for $.99.

Have you tried AnyBrowser yet? What do you think?