Cellhelmet, an iPhone case that comes with a replacement guarantee

There are many, many cell phone case manufactures around the globe offering a plethora of iPhone protection, however, there may only be one company offering to replace your iPhone if damaged using their case. Enter CellPig’s “Cellhelmet,” a case manufactured in the USA.

A start-up in Pennsylvania tried many different types of iPhone cases that offer substantial protection but were troubled by the bulk of such a case. Putting their heads together, they decided on a trim, yet protective thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) unit that offered quality protection, but was guaranteed to do its job, or, the iPhone repair is on them!


Cellhelmet is marketed with three layers of protection: (1) a dense TPU shell with angled edges for shock displacement; (2) interchangeable PVC backplates; and (3) one-year accidental damage coverage.

While the TPU materials are dense, the overall case does not add too much bulk to the phone, making it easy to carry in a pocket. However, the angled edges make the case wider than most similar designs. The TPU material is both flexible and rigid which allows the case to bend enough to install the iPhone, but rigid enough to offer great protection. Access to all ports is sufficient, but you will need a very skinny headphone jack to fit in the allotted space.

The PVC backplates come in a variety of colors and simply slide in and out of the case. As they are very thin, I question their listing as a protective benefit, however, adding a color choice is a nice bonus for those fashion forward customers. While adding a nice splash of color, the plates are not trimmed well enough for my taste. The design drawing illustrates the backplate does not come to the edge of the camera hole, leaving a small gap for no apparent reason.

By far, the best feature of the case is the one-year accidental plan. I could go on-and-on about how no companies truly stand behind their work these days, but to save you my soapbox speech, I digress. CellPig stands at the top of customer satisfaction with their promise to repair or replace the damaged iPhone. To take advantage of the guarantee, scratch off the unique ID number on the registration card that comes with Cellhelmet. Simply call the 1-888 number located on the card to start the claim. Now, there is a $50 processing fee for each claim and a long fine-print explanation to keep everyone honest… and to make sure CellPig is true to their own word, check them out at the BBB and StellaService.



Overall, it is a decent case save a few minor details here and there. In addition to the backplate not completely covering the back, there is a seemed edge that runs the ring of the case where the manufacturing melds the top and bottom half together. Also, the case fits very snugly, which is important for the grade-A protection CellPig boasts, but when I placed my iPhone in the case, the screen edge promptly peeled my Zagg invisibleSHIELD right off. Finally, because the case is made of TPU, the smooth yet rubberized finish collects finger prints and dust. At the price point, I would expect these minor details to be polished out.

Despite my picky standards, the Cellhelmet sets a new protection standard and I appreciate CellPig for sending us over a test model for review. Pick up your own for $44.99 and each order comes with two PVC backplates plus the one-year accidental coverage plan, for no additional charge. It may seem like a steep price for a case, but the accidental plan is hard to argue, even their local news station was impressed [video]!


  • Only case with a one-year damage protection plan, to my knowledge
  • Angled edges absorb shock
  • Customized colors
  • Rigid design


  • Seem edge that runs around the whole case
  • Small headphone port
  • Manufacturing burr located on the left side of my model

Have you ever paid for a separate accidental plan only to find you wasted your money? How interested are you in a case that offers its own protection plan? Let us know in the comments below!