Defecting to a Galaxy? Samsung has an app for that!

So as part of its massive worldwide effort to wow iPhone users with its latest Galaxy S III handset, Samsung has not only kickstarted the biggest marketing campaign in its history, but also partnered with software maker Media Mushroom Applications on an app that makes it easy to bring users’ iTunes and iOS data over to the Galaxy family of smartphones and tablets…

It’s called Easy Phone Sync and works over a USB connection to transfer music from your iTunes library over to a Galaxy device, in addition to movies, podcasts and other media and underlying meta data.

Easy Phone Sync is available for download free of charge over at Google’s Play Store. An accompanied Mac/PC client is also required.

It’s a clever move by the South Korean conglomerate, I’ll give them that. Those who are thinking of jumping ship could be deterred from making a switch as they’ve invested into the iOS ecosystem.

That said, providing a tool to make the transition as easy and painless as possible may help Sammy win a few Apple fans here and there.

The rest of us will have our next iPhone, thank you.

Disclaimer: yes, this is still an iOS-focused blog, we just thought you should know about this.