Popular Reddit client Alien Blue receives major update

Folks who frequent the Reddit community are probably fairly familiar with Alien Blue. It’s considered to be one of the best third-party iOS clients for the popular site.

Well the best gets better today, with the release of Alien Blue 2.6. The update brings new features like a native GIF player, iCloud syncing, and much more…

What’s new in Alien Blue 2.6?

  • Discover Subreddits by category and interest (PRO)
  • Subreddit Grouping & Organization (PRO) (Synced via iCloud)
  • Revised Canvas UI
  • Custom Retina Subreddit Icons
  • Visited Links are synced to iCloud between devices
  • Random Subreddits (in Explore Reddit group)
  • Flair (Settings -> Comment Settings to enable)
  • Revised UI for Send PM screen (presents captcha only when required)
  • Optimal Browsing: Renders web articles to fit nicely
  • Optimal: Image links are presented without clutter
  • Optimal: Youtube videos are presented without clutter
  • Optimal: Native Animated GIF player (with loading progress)

On top of all of these new features, the app’s changelog also points to new touch gestures and a number of bug fixes. Needless to say this is quite a substantial update.

If you’re interested, you can grab the new Alien Blue from the App Store for free (or $1.99 for the PRO version).