Spotify app updated with new Pandora-like radio feature

Spotify, the popular Swedish music streaming startup, has released an update for its iOS app today that includes a killer new Pandora-like radio feature.

Users will be able to create radio stations based on genre, artists or track-style, and can further customize them via a thumbs up/down ratings system…

The free radio feature has been available on desktops since late last year, but the fact that it’s now available on mobile devices is a huge win for users. Up until now, you essentially had to be a paying customer to use Spotify’s service on the go.

On top of the new radio option, the app also includes a handful of bug fixes. So whether you’re a current subscriber or not, it’s worth checking out.

If you’re interested, you can find Spotify in the App Store¬†for free.

Have you tried Spotify’s radio feature yet? What do you think?