iTunes 10.6.3 is out, get downloading

Apple has just released a new iTunes version 10.6.3 that features support for iOS 6 beta. It looks like a maintenance release aimed at only supporting the new capabilities provided by iOS 6.

It’s a bit surprising that Apple decided to make iTunes 10.6.3 available to everyone as iOS 6 is in beta and normally one needs a paid developer account to download and install iOS betas…

iTunes 10.6.3is required if you’re a developer and want to update your iOS devices to the latest iOS 6 beta that got released earlier this morning. Although the software supports only iOS 6 Beta, which won’t be released to end-users until fall, iTunes 10.6.3 is available for download to everyone.

You can download the 170MB package via Apple’s iTunes page or by choosing Software Update… from your computer’s Mac menu.

It was available via the download page at post time, but not yet through the Software Update mechanism so give it a little until changes propagate through Apple’s servers.

Let us know down in the comments if you spot anything of interest in iTunes 10.6.3 beyond support for iOS 6 Beta.